MariaDB and MindsDB Collaborate to Make Machine Learning Predictions Easily Accessible

MariaDB Corporation and MindsDB, a provider of in-database machine learning, are partnering on a solution that makes machine learning predictions easy and accessible to cloud database users.

By using MindsDB in SkySQL, MariaDB's fully managed cloud database service, data science and data engineering teams can increase their organization's predictive capabilities to plan for and address real-world business issues, according to the vendors.

MariaDB database users will now be able to add machine learning based predictions directly into their datasets stored in SkySQL.

This simplifies the task of analyzing and predicting future trends, putting machine learning capabilities into the hands of MariaDB users, no matter their role. The use cases for business predictions cut across every business function such as finance, sales, risk analysis, logistics, operations, and marketing.

"We are excited to work with MindsDB to unlock the genius in the cloud by giving customers seamless and easy-to-use machine learning capabilities available through MariaDB SkySQL," said Jags Ramnarayan, vice president and general manager of SkySQL, MariaDB Corporation. "With this machine learning integration, organizations will be able to better utilize their data to find trends and create new efficiencies. This is all accomplished without having to move data to other systems or applications and it happens in real-time to help inform current business decisions."

Jorge Torres, co-founder and CEO of MindsDB, said, MindsDB's open source framework allows ML models to be identified and developed quickly using AutoML and then deployed at speed and scale with AI Tables in MariaDB. 

“By automating model training and deploying workflows while leveraging the data directly at the data layer, MindsDB + MariaDB help companies increase prediction capabilities and reduce the cost and complexity of model selection, training iteration, and testing,” Torres said. “MindsDB enables database users to get predictions as database tables, using simple queries to unlock the value in the data they already have."

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