MariaDB’s Latest Enhancements Include Temporal Processing, New Oracle Compatibility

MariaDB Corporation is releasing MariaDB TX 3.0, allowing application developers and database administrators to support multiple workloads with different characteristics.

 MariaDB TX 3.0 uses purpose-built storage engines to simultaneously support multiple workloads with different characteristics – transactional, analytical, write-intensive or extreme scale.

Expanding the number of use cases supported, MariaDB also introduces temporal processing, Oracle compatibility and advanced data protection for sensitive personal and personally identifiable information (SPI/PII).

With MariaDB TX 3.0, customers gain the capability and confidence to easily, quickly, securely and affordably run their mission-critical business on an enterprise open source database.

"With MariaDB TX 3.0 and MariaDB Server 10.3 GA at its core, we are not only creating a streamlined way to migrate applications to MariaDB, we're pioneering a new standard for enterprise open source databases," said Max Mether, head of server product management at MariaDB Corporation. "MariaDB users can now mix and match multiple purpose-built storage engines to support a range of use cases with the best possible performance – all at the same time and with the same familiar database."

MariaDB TX 3.0 is the first enterprise open source database to deliver Oracle compatibility, including Oracle-compatible sequences and a stored procedure language compliant with Oracle PL/SQL, enabling Oracle Database users to reuse existing code and established skill sets when migrating applications or deploying new ones.

MariaDB TX 3.0 introduces built-in, system-versioned tables, enabling developers to effortlessly and elegantly build temporal features into applications. This eliminates the need to manually create columns, tables and triggers in order to maintain row history, freeing DBAs to simply create new tables with system versioning or alter existing tables to add it, streamlining the process significantly.

MariaDB TX 3.0 adds the ability to anonymize data through complete data obfuscation or pseudo-anonymize data through full or partial data masking.

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