Mark Logic Announces Rapid Application Development Platform

Mark Logic Corporation, a provider of software for information-centric applications, announced the release of its new product, MarkLogic Application Services 1.0, a suite of services designed to help organizations rapidly design, develop, and deploy rich information-centric applications.

Application Services 1.0 introduces three core services that enable developers to more quickly and easily prototype applications. MarkLogic Application Builder is a new graphical application development tool that speeds the creation of search-based applications without writing a single line of code. By eliminating the upfront costs and risks normally associated with development, customers are free to build new applications on the fly to explore newly acquired content or data feeds.

The vendor also launched MarkLogic Sever 4.1, the newest version of its XML server. New features include expanded Representational State Transfer (REST) capabilities, schema validation, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support, and Japanese search and enrichment.

"With our 4.1 release we expanded our support for REST services by adding two new features-URL rewriting and JSON support directly within MarkLogic Server," John Kreisa, director of industry solutions for Mark Logic, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We did this because more and more of our customers are looking to set up RESTful services to syndicate and share relevant information with users in their ecosystem. We are seeing an increase in demand for using MarkLogic Server to deliver REST services. Our platform is being used as a central piece of the infrastructure for storage and delivery of information to applications and devices using a range of services."

The expanded REST capabilities are directed at the server level, Kreisa adds. "However, these features make it easier for end-users to interact with a REST service built on MarkLogic Server. In particular, the URL rewriting functionality means that these services can contain user-friendly URLs, which can easily be typed in by everyday consumers to access the service."

"Non-techies" can use MarkLogic as well, Kreisa says. "With the introduction of MarkLogic Applications Services 1.0, even non-techies are empowered to create information-centric applications," he says. "MarkLogic Application Builder is a browser-based development environment, which allows non-developers to create applications without writing any code."

MarkLogic also integrates with major IDEs such as WebSphere and Eclipse, Kreisa says. "MarkLogic Server can be integrated with any IDE and has been at numerous customer sites," he states.

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