Mark Logic Launches Information Infrastructure in the Cloud

Mark Logic Corporation, a provider of information infrastructure software, announced that its latest line of software will be available from the cloud, through Amazon Web Services. The first such offering of MarkLogic Cloud Services is MarkLogic Server for EC2, which enables customers to use MarkLogic on a pay-by-the-hour basis on Amazon EC2, the popular elastic computing cloud platform. MarkLogic Server also supports the development of private clouds via VMware.

Both new and existing Mark Logic customers will benefit from Mark Logic's move to the cloud, John Kreisa, director of industry solutions at Mark Logic, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "For existing customers, we anticipate that they will create all new information applications on MarkLogic Server, rather than scaling out existing implementations. New customers can get started quickly with MarkLogic Server on a pay-per-use model."

MarkLogic Server for EC2 consists of an Amazon Machine Image with MarkLogic Server pre-installed. For faster deployment, users can subscribe to the MarkLogic Server AMI directly from Amazon Web Services. "We think the most common types of customers that will use the Amazon-based offerings include those that seek agility and innovation," Kreisa says. "Regardless of the size of their organization and the amount of resources they have within their IT department, application development teams who have an opportunity to move ahead quickly will take advantage of this deployment option."

MarkLogic Server is also now certified on two cloud infrastructures. The first is Amazon EC2, where customers can deploy MarkLogic Server on this flexible infrastructure offered by Amazon Web Services.

The second cloud infrastructure supported by MarkLogic Server is the VMware virtualization platform, which enables customers to implement clouds on self-managed hardware. "One of the primary benefits of our offering we see for customers who use VMware is that they will be able to take advantage of virtualized server farms," Kreisa explains. "We're giving our customers the opportunity to leverage the efficiencies gained by their virtualized infrastructure. Additionally, customers will be able to build information applications on MarkLogic Server in private clouds."

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