MarkLogic Enhances Data Hub with Embedded Machine Learning for Smarter Data Integration   

MarkLogic has announced embedded machine learning and other features in MarkLogic Data Hub 5.0 and the MarkLogic 10 multi-model database, providing a complete enterprise solution for integrating, curating, securing, analyzing, and acting on business-critical data.

The MarkLogic Data Hub, running in the cloud or on-premise, sits on top of the MarkLogic multi-model database, a NoSQL data platform that offers agility and scalability, without sacrificing the security and data consistency that enterprises require.

According to MarkLogic, with new features and capabilities, Data Hub 5.0 becomes:

  • Smarter: AI underpins many of Data Hub 5.0’s key capabilities, and embedded machine learning—running close to the data at the core of the database, can be used to optimize important tasks such as fraud detection, personalization, diagnostics, and customer service. 
  • Simpler: Data Hub 5.0’s customizable low-code/no-code orchestration flows enabl end users to map data sources and run matching and merging data flow processes—all while encapsulating data logic close to the data to improve governance and performance. Data services simplify data access and enhance agility by exposing only the aspects of data that end users and developers need.
  • More Secure: MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0 improve both security and governance with capabilities such as automatic provenance tracking, more advanced graph security, and more granular separation of duties. 

“MarkLogic continues to push the envelope to ensure that our visionary customers have fast and secure access to the data and analytics they need to run their business,” said Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic, in a comment on the new offering. By adding machine learning to the Data Hub Platform and the multi-model database, MarkLogic is helping organizations to not only architect for their present and future data needs, but to do so with smart data integration technology, he added. 

Learn more about MarkLogic 10 and MarkLogic Data Hub 5.0.