MarkLogic 8 Goes GA with Server-Side JavaScript Support and Free Cloud Deployment Offer

MarkLogic Corporation, provider of an enterprise NoSQL database platform, has announced the general availability of MarkLogic software Version 8.

MarkLogic 8 supports server-side JavaScript and JSON, and includes enterprise features such as semantics and bitemporal. In addition, to make it easier for organizations to get started with their first MarkLogic-powered applications in the cloud the company is offering a free, 1-year version of its Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

MarkLogic Bitemporal is a key element in the new release, as it allows businesses to minimize risk by looking at data as it was over the course of time. This is crucial for companies in strict regulatory environments, and also has broad applicability to any organization that needs to have a historical view of its data..

“MarkLogic 8 is the most powerful release we’ve ever shipped; it’s further proof that we continue to set the standard for heterogeneous data integration and management. Relational databases can’t keep up with the pace of change in data and business, and other NoSQL databases lack critical hardened enterprise features like high availability, security and disaster recovery,” said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president, products. “We’ve engineered enterprise functionality into the product from day one and are continually innovating to give customers the features they need to both analyze and operationalize their big data.”

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Enterprise NoSQL database platform provider MarkLogic today announced the availability of MarkLogic 8 Early Access Edition, which brings together advanced search, semantics, bitemporal and native JavaScript support into one platform. The overall theme of the MarkLogic 8 is ease of use. "This release is all about bringing MarkLogic to where the developers are and making it easy for them to adopt MarkLogic," said Joe Pasqua, senior vice president, product strategy, MarkLogic.

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MarkLogic CEO Gary Bloom and his team brought the MarkLogic World Tour 2014 to Wall Street to showcase customer use cases and explain the key new features coming out in MarkLogic 8. The overarching theme for the new release is ease of use, said Bloom.

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