MarkLogic Beefs Up Support for Hadoop

MarkLogic Corporation announced that its Connector for Hadoop now allows Hadoop applications direct access to data indexed and managed by the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform. Using the Connector, a Hadoop application can directly read all of the data from MarkLogic’s compressed data files stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), without communicating through a MarkLogic database or exporting the data.The result, says MarkLogic, is that organizations using Hadoop can simplify data management, reduce infrastructure costs, and increase development agility.

“There is no doubt that enterprise adoption of Hadoop is increasing and MarkLogic 7 helps organizations capitalize on their investment. With the ability to easily run MarkLogic directly on top of an existing Hadoop installation, enterprises can build a new class of real-time operational applications,” said Joe Pasqua, senior vice president, product strategy, MarkLogic. “Sharing this same data as it ages from operational, to historical, to archival with the analytics in MapReduce jobs, companies can dramatically simplify data management, reduce costs and gain better insight from their data.”

With MarkLogic running on Hadoop, indexes are created once and can be used over the life of the data for secure, real-time, transactional queries and updates as well as large-scale batch analysis using MapReduce. This helps to reduce storage and infrastructure costs normally associated with siloed data marts and special-purpose analytic environments. Having fewer copies of the data also simplifies data governance, reducing risk. This is especially critical to organizations in highly regulated industries – such as financial services, healthcare, and the public sector – that are aggressively moving to Hadoop for next-generation data management infrastructure.

The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop extends in MarkLogic’s efforts to bring more value to customers using Hadoop technology.

MarkLogic’s new Tiered Storage offering allows customers to deploy the MarkLogic database platform using a mix of locally attached SSD and spinning disk, SAN, NAS, S3, and HDFS storage within the same database. Administrators can move data consistently between tiers with full transactional guarantees and zero downtime. This pioneering approach can reduce storage costs, while making it easy to incorporate Hadoop into an enterprise architecture. Combined with MarkLogic’s schema-agnostic data model, MarkLogic Tiered Storage provides unprecedented flexibility to make smarter tradeoffs in live systems among cost, performance, and availability without having to change application code.

The early access version of the MarkLogic 7 Enterprise NoSQL database platform featuring Tiered Storage, Semantics and support for the Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is now available for download with general availability planned for later this year. For more information, visit