MarkLogic Creates Data Hub Service to Curate Data from Cloud Services

MarkLogic Corporation, a transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, is launching MarkLogic Data Hub Service, providing a fast and cost-effective way for enterprises to integrate, store, harmonize, analyze, and secure mission-critical data in the cloud.

“It’s not just bringing the data together but it’s really providing this curated environment for that data,” said Joe Pasqua, EVP of Products at MarkLogic.

MarkLogic Data Hub Service amplifies the power of MarkLogic’s industry-leading Data Hub technology by lowering the cost and operational burden of integrating large swaths of business and user data.

This curated data fuels powerful analytical and transactional applications, IoT analysis, knowledge graphs, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides DevOps teams with all the agility they need to rapidly integrate data, but none of the operational overhead, meaning they can focus on “Dev,” not “Ops.”

“From the developer perspective they really like this because it moves to a no “Ops” model,” Pasqua said. “Developers get to be developers and they don’t have to think about what it takes to run the system, what it takes to set up all the security, patching, operating systems, installing software, etc, they don’t have to think about it.”

In addition to DevOps teams, business consumers of the hub will also benefit from this platform.

Because the service is built on MarkLogic’s modern multi-model database, organizations don’t need to manually stitch together and manage multiple cloud services to address data integration needs.

“We’ve taken the MarkLogic database and the open-source data hub and we put them together and made that available as a fully automated, serverless offering in Amazon so customers will be able to go to Amazon, set a few options about what they want, and press a button to have a fully configured MarkLogic Data Hub running in the cloud,” Pasqua said.

MarkLogic’s unique architecture allows resources to be added and removed from the underlying database in seconds. MarkLogic Data Hub Service uses the same technology that was first delivered in MarkLogic Query Service to allow bursting to meet peak loads while providing a completely predictable cost aligned with baseline usage unlike an expensive, over-provisioned solution, or a costly and unpredictable on-demand approach.

“We’ve found a way to give that predictable pricing,” Pasqua said.  

The platform handles different data types (e.g. documents, graphs, relational, and geospatial) from different data sources (e.g. RDBMS, message buses, streaming data, etc.) to be integrated curated, mastered, governed, searched, queried, and harmonized within a single architecture.

The company will continue to offer streamlined cloud integrations, invest in more automation tools, and more, according to Pasqua.

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