MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database Running on HDFS Available as Technology Preview

MarkLogic Corporation announced the MarkLogic enterprise NoSQL database running directly on the Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS). This will enable Hadoop customers to take advantage of MarkLogic enterprise features - such as ACID transactions, role-based security, full-text search, and the flexibility of a granular document data model for real-time applications - while also leveraging their existing Hadoop infrastructure.

MarkLogic works with both direct attached storage as well as storage area networks (SAN). In this technology preview, MarkLogic can now store and access content directly on the Hadoop Distributed File System as well. The result is that anywhere in MarkLogic that customers can use a direct or shared filesystem, they can now use HDFS instead.

By combining Hadoop and MarkLogic, users are able to index the most critical and frequently accessed data on high-performance infrastructure and allocate the rest to a low-cost archive for intermittent access and historical analysis.

This is important for regulated industries, such as government and financial services, for example, that often have legal requirements governing the amount of data an organization must keep and what it may need to report on, or for a business that may want to keep a long-tail of information for historical reporting and analytics.

The segregation of data across different storage and computation tiers lets users optimize cost, performance, availability, and flexibility. Users can store data, indexes, and journals across a mixture of local (RAM, HDD, and SSD), SAN, and HDFS-based storage. This provides secure, low-latency access to operational data, as well as economical storage and processing of the remaining data.

A MarkLogic Server technology preview, featuring Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) storage, is available from MarkLogic Developer Labs at MarkLogic expects the production release to be generally availablein early 2013. 

In addition, MarkLogic also expanded its partnership with Hortonworks. MarkLogic will redistribute the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) along with a suite of tools that provides connectivity between Hadoop and MarkLogic. MarkLogic will provide enterprise-class support for mission-critical applications that combine Hadoop and MarkLogic.