MarkLogic Improves Development of Analytic Applications with Free Developer License

Enterprise NoSQL database provider MarkLogic is making available a free developer license for MarkLogic Enterprise Edition. The developer license provides access to MarkLogic Enterprise Edition features such as integrated search, government-grade security, clustering, replication, failover, alerting, geospatial indexing, conversion, as well as a set of application development tools. MarkLogic said it is making available a Java-based tool for importing data from MongoDB into MarkLogic.

According to Gary Bloom, CEO and president of MarkLogic, many of its customers experimented initially with free NoSQL products before switching to MarkLogic. With the free developer license, MarkLogic intends remove the cost barrier to developers.  

With the developer license, MarkLogic says developers can leverage the latest enhancements made available in MarkLogic 6, including APIs and tools for faster application development, business intelligence tool integration, analytic functions and visualization tools, and the ability to create user-defined functions for analysis of large volumes of data.

MarkLogic also announced a new developer training and support offering that includes training and 6 months of support to help jumpstart development of MarkLogic solutions.

MarkLogic Enterprise Edition is available for download now at

More information about the Mongo2MarkLogic converter can be found at

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