MarkLogic Launches Cloud Services Portfolio on AWS

MarkLogic Corporation, a NoSQL database provider, will offer a complete cloud services portfolio, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The portfolio will give enterprise customers fast, flexible and cost-effective access to operational data hubs and dynamic query services that are essential for breaking down data silos and putting corporate data to work, according to MarkLogic.

MarkLogic has been working with AWS to optimize, bullet-proof, and secure the new MarkLogic Data Hub Service on AWS, with the goal of allowing large global organizations to quickly take advantage of MarkLogic’s enterprise-class NoSQL database capabilities – such as ACID transactions, Semantics, and metadata management.

“We have been working with AWS for almost 10 years, and it has been incredible watching them grow their cloud footprint to include advanced technology features our enterprise customers have come to depend on from MarkLogic,” said Dave Ponzini, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development at MarkLogic. “A key focus for us is meeting our customers where they are today and preparing for the data challenges of tomorrow. AWS is a market leader in cloud services, and we are proud to be working with them to ensure large organizations everywhere can easily build, secure and manage their applications using MarkLogic on AWS.”

Several benefits derived from the MarkLogic Data Hub Service running on AWS include:

  • Predictive analytics to forecast workload capacity needs
  • The highest level of data security in the cloud
  • The most cost-effective pricing for varied workloads

The relationship between MarkLogic and AWS dates back to 2009. AWS is the preferred cloud provider for a large percentage of MarkLogic’s enterprise customers.

MarkLogic is also an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and MarkLogic’s first two Software-as-a-Service offerings – the MarkLogic Query Service and now the MarkLogic Data Hub Service – are available on AWS Marketplace.

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