MarkLogic Launches Data Hub Flight School for NoSQL Training

MarkLogic Corporation, an Enterprise NoSQL database provider, is launching a Data Hub Flight School to educate technologists on next generation data management and data hub technology.

The Data Hub Flight School, aimed at application developers, will enable guided simulations of real-world data integration projects, covering such challenges as security and data modeling.

The typical duration of Data Hub Flight School is 8-12 hours per week over four weeks, a time frame that can be expanded or condensed based on bandwidth of the attendee, and is part of MarkLogic University’s free technical and business user training on the MarkLogic NoSQL database platform, which bridges traditional classroom training and real-world, hands-on simulation.

The program will set technologists up for future success, drive better data management for customers and quicker, less costly integration efforts for MarkLogic partners, according to the company.

MarkLogic’s data hub technology creates a centralized and simplified management system for an organization’s data in the cloud and/or on-premises.

By offering a real-world simulation of building and deploying a data hub, MarkLogic is providing the next generation of technologists with the data management techniques and best practices to keep them skilled and in high demand for years to come.

Participation in the project simulator begins with instructions by a MarkLogic project coordinator who guides the trainee through a set of assignments and checkpoints.

The simulator combines aspects of structured independent learning alongside coaching and mentoring opportunities. Depending on need, the program can be completed in the standard month, or faster or slower.

By the end, technologists graduate with the confidence and practical experience to effectively deliver projects using the MarkLogic NoSQL database platform.

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