MarkLogic Makes NoSQL Database Available on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

MarkLogic, has announced that its enterprise NoSQL database is now available on Microsoft Azure. According to MarkLogic, offering its database platform on Azure gives customers the flexibility they need by providing a single, actionable 360-degree view of their data in the cloud, whether on Azure or in a hybrid cloud environment, allowing them to seamlessly build and deploy applications, drive digital transformation projects, or set up short-term cloud deployments. The MarkLogic platform on Azure also enables customers to scale apps and projects up or down without downtime and with optimal deployment and transactional consistency, giving customers maximum operational efficiency.

The unprecedented levels of change in the marketplace today require enterprises to move their database platform to the cloud to leverage its potential financial and operational advantages in order to effectively compete, said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president of products, MarkLogic.  But when enterprises migrate to the cloud, they are discovering that relational database solutions are not flexible enough to manage and integrate the complex data types required for business-critical applications and projects, which in turn takes more time and money.

According to Pasqua, Microsoft Azure is the most trusted, compliant cloud services provider, and the fact that they have a wide range of global security certifications is important. Combined with MarkLogic’s own data security features such as advanced encryption and element-level security, said Pasqua, customers will have assurance that their data is not only highly available, consistent, and manageable, but secure.

For more details, go to the MarkLogic website.