MarkLogic Powers New Mobile Application for Kaplan

MarkLogic Corporation has announced that Kaplan Publishing, a publisher of academic and professional development resources, has built a new iOS application using MarkLogic Server as the platform beneath a customized digital content reader developed by Bluefire Productions. Kaplan Mobile allows registered students to download a free electronic copy of their course books to their mobile devices. The application is available for download for free from the Apple iTunes Store for all iOS devices.

MarkLogic Server is a database that allows organizations to address issues associated with big data, including the ability to leverage information such as business documents, PDFs, e-pubs, emails and tweets. In this collaboration, Kaplan selected MarkLogic as the infrastructure to deliver ePub materials via mobile platform, paving the way for future digital and mobile initiatives and better student experience.

MarkLogic has worked on mobile interfaces for customers in the past, some in the government, David Gorbet, vice president, Product Strategy at MarkLogic, tells 5 Minute Briefing, "but this is the first time to my knowledge that anybody is doing a full course's worth of material as a mobile application." Right now, Kaplan Mobile is available for iOS devices only, although Kaplan's goal is to offer  it for Android devices in the near future, says Gorbet. In its research, Kaplan has found that there is heavy tablet usage among their student customer base, so the device form factor played a part in deciding to go with this strategy, he adds.  

Kaplan customers are able to sync their accounts with up to two mobile devices. Currently, the application allows students to access full course content for its GRE, GMAT, and MCAT courses, as well as digital copies of its PSAT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT retail test prep books.

"Using MarkLogic as the platform for building applications is a natural extension of the product," according to Ron Avnur, senior vice president of engineering, MarkLogic. "As a database for unstructured information, MarkLogic enables publishers and organizations of all types to take advantage of new delivery models. By being able to dynamically create new products and offer the flexibility needed to keep up with constant updates to technology, organizations that adopt MarkLogic gain a real competitive edge."

Currently, many customers are looking at their mobile strategies, says Gorbet.  "The strategy really originates from the customer, so to the extent that customers are looking at mobile strategies I expect that we will be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing in the near future."

In addition to BlueFire Productions, which developed the client reader for the iOS devices, Adobe's server technology is used on the back end for authentication of students for Kaplan Mobile applications.

Kaplan Mobile is now available in the iTunes Store for free. The application can be downloaded here.

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