MarkLogic Taps Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop to Enable Real-Time Transactional and Analytic Applications

MarkLogic said it plans to deliver an enterprise-grade application and analytics software solution based on the new Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software. The Intel Distribution will be combined with the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database to support real-time transactional and analytic applications.

MarkLogic will distribute and support the Intel Distribution – the first to provide full encryption with support of Intel AES New Instructions in the Intel Xeon processor. According to the vendors, the combination of the MarkLogic database and the Intel Distribution will ensure that customers can benefit from MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database features, including ACID transactions, role-based security, integrated full-text and geospatial search, and the flexibility of a granular document data model for real-time applications, while also taking advantage of the first silicon-based encryption support of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). 

MarkLogic Server provides customers the ability to run directly on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), enabling a mix of data between operational and analytic workloads. Users can also store data, indexes, and journals across a mixture of local (RAM, HDD, and SSD), SAN, and HDFS-based storage. In addition the ability to aggregate data across different storage and computation tiers lets users optimize cost, performance, availability, and flexibility. MapReduce running in place on data in the MarkLogic database can also leverage MarkLogic’s granular security model to restrict analytic jobs to only the data they are entitled to, which is considered critical for many government and enterprise applications.

“As Hadoop enters new markets with growing adoption in segments like financial services and federal governments, organizations want to trust the Apache Hadoop platform with all their data without compromising any of its performance,” said Girish Juneja, general manager, Intel’s Big Data Software. “The combination of hardware-enabled encryption in the Intel Distribution with the role-based security in the MarkLogic database provides organizations with a robust platform that provides the assurance that their data is protected without slowing down the analytics.”

MarkLogic has a free Developer License available for MarkLogic Enterprise Edition. It is available for download at

MarkLogic also announced the new MarkLogic Deployment Accelerator for Hadoop which is intended to fast-forward projects that integrate the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database and Hadoop, and will provide clients with technical direction, deliver architecture and design documents, and provide hands-on implementation support.