Mastering In-Memory Data Technology at Data Summit 2017

In-memory technologies have the ability to bring faster insights to users and applications, potentially bringing analytics to new levels.

At Data Summit 2017, Viktor Gamov, senior solutions architect at Hazelcast, will drill down on what users need to know to be successful using in-memory data technology.

Gamov will explain how in-memory data grids contribute to the modern data landscape, expanding upon what companies do with this technology and explaining how it differs from other technologies.

According to Gamov  it is important to understand what types of platforms exist and  the use cases for the financial and retail industries,  as well as how to deploy or integrate the technology.

“An in-memory grid is not new technology,” Gamov said. “You can automatically scale, share, and shard your data. That’s very important.”

This presentation marks Gamov’s first time at Data Summit and he looks forward to meeting locals in the heart of the financial industry.

“I’m really very excited about this one,” Gamov said, noting the session will provide a strong for attendees to learn about the in-memory itself but also discover how other companies use it along with open source technologies in real-world deployment.

Gamov’s session, titled “Mastering In-Memory Data Technology,”  will be presented at Data Summit on Wednesday, May 17, at 3 pm.

Data Summit takes place at the New York Hilton Midtown May 16-17, with preconference workshops on Monday, May 15. To register, go here.