Matillion Announces Data Integration Solution

Matillion, a provider of data transformation software for cloud data warehouses (CDWs), is releasing Matillion Data Loader, a free Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data integration solution that empowers data analytics professionals and business users to load and migrate data.

Matillion Data Loader allows data professionals to centralize their valuable data, across different sources, by loading it into their chosen CDW.

Matillion products reduce time to value for cloud data analytics projects with data integration and data transformation solutions for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.

With Matillion Data Loader, data professionals can use a low-friction solution to:

  • Quickly and simply replicate data from popular data sources into a CDW using a code-free, wizard-based pipeline builder
  • Monitor jobs with a dashboard view of pipeline runs and data volumes
  • Save on infrastructure, resources, and DevOps costs, using technology built to leverage the speed and scale of the cloud
  • Upgrade to handle advanced data transformation, integration, and orchestration needs with Matillion's top-rated ETL solution

"Exploding data volumes and the rapid shift toward data democratization mean enterprises have increasingly diverse data analytics needs across teams. A flexible data analytics platform should ensure companies can address simple use cases, sophisticated analytics projects, or both at the same time, without the inherent complexity of other tools," said Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion. "Matillion Data Loader works by itself to deliver low-friction data loading but also works with Matillion ETL as a platform to join and transform data sources for analytics. This is a far better option than having to choose between solutions that are either quick and simple or functional and complex."

Matillion Data Loader can be used by itself to easily perform cloud data migration and data loading processes.

Matillion ETL can be used to transform data into insights for analytics, reporting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Both solutions can be paired together as a scalable and flexible data integration and data transformation platform.

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