Matillion Brings GenAI to Snowflake with No-Code Cortex Components Available on Snowflake AI Data Cloud

Matillion, the modern data pipeline platform provider, is bringing no-code Generative AI (GenAI) to Snowflake users with new GenAI capabilities and integrations with Snowflake Cortex AI, Snowflake ML Functions, and support for Snowpark Container Services.

Matillion’s graphical components make it easy and near instant to incorporate GenAI into data workflows, regardless of technical expertise. To do this, Matillion abstracts SQL functions that run in Cortex AI’s fully managed infrastructure for LLMs, according to Matillion.

“As organizations move beyond the hype of GenAI to the realities of implementation, Matillion makes it fast and easy, using only existing data engineering skills, whilst being completely integrated with Snowflake. We believe that 90% of AI engineering is still going to be about preparing the data. Data engineers are key,” said Ciaran Dynes, Matillion chief product officer.

The newly launched GenAI components enable out-of-the-box use cases, including generating product descriptions, extracting key information from customer reviews, analyzing sentiment, summarizing lengthy reports, and translating content for global audiences.

“At Snowflake, we’re on a mission to bring the potential of AI to every business user, no matter their technical proficiencies,” said Baris Gultekin, head of AI at Snowflake. “Partners like Matillion are making that mission easier to achieve through innovations and advancements that provide a pushdown AI approach, and no-code pipeline platform to accelerate the pace of AI solution development. There’s a tremendous opportunity to build on Cortex AI, and it’s exciting to see companies like Matillion taking advantage of it.”

Matillion also announced support for Snowpark Container Services components, which enable users to run any open-source LLM used for a data processing job directly inside their Snowflake accounts, ensuring no single record leaves Snowflake and that all datasets have the highest level of security and governance, according to the companies.

Matillion’s Snowpark Container Services integration allows customers to securely run virtually any open-source AI model directly within their Snowflake account, ensuring data privacy and enabling customization based on specific use cases. 

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