Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse to Enable Data Transformations

Matillion, a provider of data transformation software for cloud data warehouses (CDWs), is releasing Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse to enable data transformations in complex IT environments at scale.

The release features pre-built data source components to integrate cloud and on-prem databases, files, NoSQL, and SaaS applications, incluuding  Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, SharePoint, MongoDB, Salesforce, Facebook, and Bing, as well as simple-to-advanced transformation components to address even the most complex data transformations to customize output.

Empowering enterprises to achieve faster time to insights by loading, transforming, and joining together data, the release extends Matillion’s product portfolio to further serve Microsoft Azure customers.

Companies can use Matillion ETL to load data into Azure Synapse—including but not limited to Microsoft data sources - and then perform powerful transformations to enable data analysis and reporting as well as advanced use cases such as AI and machine learning.

Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse also enables customers to manage various Azure-specific features, such as the ability to design distributed tables within Azure Synapse to improve query performance and load speed, optimizing a customer’s experience.

“With the availability of Matillion ETL for Microsoft Azure Synapse, we help expand Azure Synapse’s mission to blend data warehousing and analytics, by enabling customers to quickly and easily perform the robust data transformations necessary to extract value from their many data sources,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO, Matillion. “With features built specifically for Azure Synapse, enterprises can use Matillion ETL to enable their data journey and gain new insights, ultimately making better decisions, from all data and across all data stores inside the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond.”

Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse helps users get faster time-to-value and insight with the following capabilitites:

  • User-configurable REST API to leverage additional data sources without native integrations
  • Native deployment within Azure, enabling management of Azure Synapse features like distributed table design, table indexing and data partitioning
  • Built-in scheduler to update tables in Azure Synapse at specified intervals
  • Data ingestion from Azure Blob Storage to integrate with other data sources within Matillion for greater insights across company data
  • Suite of enterprise features to support enterprise data needs including, GIT integration, individual and group user permissions, re-usable jobs, audit log generation, and more

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