McAfee Strengthens Threat Protection in Connected Platform

Embracing the philosophy that today’s advanced threats require custom defenses, McAfee has improved its capabilities for finding, freezing, and fixing advanced threats faster to thwart targeted attacks. Part of the McAfee Security Connected approach, the McAfee Comprehensive Threat Protection solution binds and shares threat intelligence and workflows across endpoints, network and the cloud. The result, the company says, is protection, performance and operational savings that cannot be achieved with individual point products.

“The McAfee Comprehensive Threat Protection solution provides integrations that let customers implement the defense that works best for their business,” said Pat Calhoun, general manager of network security at McAfee, noting that it now counters the most evasive and determined attacks “in milliseconds.”

Stronger Countermeasures Against Security Threats

McAfee has been enhancing the countermeasures available to customers since last year, and added new analytics, context and orchestration to fully integrate and automate the threat protection processes.

The Next Generation Firewall, which detectsmalicious traffic that has attempted to disguise itself by splitting into pieces that travel across a variety of protocols through different layers of the OSI stack, can now communicate with the Security Connected platform to educate endpoints and other network security products about these events.

In addition, theMcAfee Advanced Threat Defense combines reputation, and real-time emulation defenses with in-depth static code and dynamic, malware analysis (sandboxing) to provide the most detailed assessment and data on malware classification. Integration with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange can share all these details plus dynamic file and IP reputation, prevalence, and malware to drive counter-responses and educate each security component in the corporate environment to recognize and block emerging and targeted threats.

Unlike other sandboxing technologies, the company says, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense can directly receive files for analysis from and send results to endpoint, network, and management systems, leveraging the Security Connected platform to optimize advanced malware detection and analysis and stop malware in its tracks—with no time or effort spent on integration.

McAfee also recently announced McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange which orchestrates local and global threat intelligence information and enterprise-wide security products into one cohesive integrated security system to eliminate the gap between encounter and containment of advanced targeted attacks. The ability to quickly spot and pre-empt advanced threats is now a business differentiator as companies seek to protect their intellectual property and assure customers that their data is safe and secure.

McAfee to Provide Security for NEC’s Industrial and Factory Automation Systems

Separately, McAfee also announced that NEC is enhancing the security of its industrial and factory automation systems with McAfee Embedded Control , which allows only trusted applications to run on devices.

Prior to application control and change control technology, industrial automation systems relied on signature-based detection technologies. With the McAfee solution, NEC customers’ augment the signature-based detection approach with enhanced security technologies like whitelisting, memory protection and change control functions.