Medical Systems, Inc. Launches Community Health Center Application Built on InterSystems Caché

InterSystems Corporation has announced that application partner Medical Systems, Inc. (MSI) is launching an application for community health centers (CHCs) built on the InterSystems Caché high-performance object database.  The new version of Vision:CHC is a comprehensive offering that includes the full range of facilities needed for CHCs to fulfill Meaningful Use and Patient-centered Medical Home criteria.

The CACHÉ-based Vision:CHC includes three integrated components that address specific CHC requirements involving electronic health records (EHRs), practice management and reporting.  According to InterSystems, the Vision:CHC electronic health records and dashboard components are completely new with significant changes to the practice management component to continue accommodating the increasing standards and reporting requirements of community health.

"Modern community health centers exist in an environment requiring multiple levels of regulatory and reporting requirements on a federal, state and often local level,"   Matt Nee, InterSystems vice president of North American Sales, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  In addition, he adds, there are the dual needs to respond to the many granting agencies on which most CHC's owe their existence and to provide excellent health care to their growing populations.   "Vision:CHC was designed from the ground up to provide these very important functions, and to do so without affecting - and in fact enhancing - the delivery of excellent and lower-cost, patient care," says Nee. 

CHCs have clearly defined requirements that differ from those of other health care providers, observes Mary Beth Smith, president of MSI. For example, CHCs are required to produce Uniform Data System (UDS) reports - a core set of information for reviewing the operation and performance of health centers - for the federal government on an annual basis.  

The Vision:CHC system provides the CHC staff with the efficient means of doing their daily jobs of scheduling visits, capturing all patient visit data, and providing support for the increasingly more difficult job of submitting claims, while automatically aggregating Meaningful Use and Uniform Data System (UDS) statistics.  "The platform for this application is the InterSystems Caché high performance object database, which delivers real-time user feedback regarding best-practices, regulations, and statistical analysis of the CHC's financial, patient care, and staffing needs," says Nee.

The decision to build the new Vision:CHC on Caché was tied to two capabilities, according to Smith. "Caché is a powerful, stable and scalable technology and it is the fastest development tool available," she said. "It operates very rapidly and if a client ever has performance issues, it only takes a tweak to eliminate those concerns." That high performance is combined with the fact that there is literally no maintenance required by Caché. "Our clients don't want to have a database administrator and, with Caché, they don't need one."

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