Melissa Data Adds Move Update Function to its Listware for Excel Data Enrichment Tool

Data quality and integration solution provider Melissa Data has introduced a new Move Update function for Listware for Excel, the company’s data enrichment tool that integrates directly into Microsoft Excel.  

“Listware for Excel allows us to democratize data quality,” said Greg Brown, vice president, marketing, at Melissa Data. “It allows people that don’t have any programming skills whatsoever - but use Excel for lots of things - to easily tap into address verification, change of address processing, and do lots of things with emails. There are also many more types of functionality that we will add over the next 6 to 8 months.” 

Melissa Data’s Listware for Excel enables real-time contact data quality in a simple Excel interface, providing a data quality option for mailers challenged by the licensing costs or volume mailing requirements of the U.S Post Office’s national change-of-address product, NCOALink. By searching decades’ worth of multi-sourced data, Listware for Excel returns current addresses of individuals and businesses that have moved; mailing lists are more effective, reducing costs and resources wasted on returned mail.

The newest update to Listware for Excel is the Move Update option, Melissa Data’s proprietary change-of-address service, providing access to millions of U.S. address records.

“Our Move Update option is multi-sourced. It uses different types of Telco data files, credit headers, and other types of data that we have coalesced into a very large database,” said Greg Brown, vice president, marketing, at Melissa Data. Move Update can track people and businesses who have moved up to 10 years in the past or as recently as the last 30 days. In addition, says Brown, there is no mailing restriction. “People can use it if they are just doing a small mailing for instance or if they just want to update the records in their database. They may not even plan on doing an immediate mailing, but may just want to have accurate records in their database. It is a very easy to use this option.”

According to Melissa Data, more than 35 million Americans moved last year – more than 11% of the population, yet this information is often not updated in individual or small business contact databases. Listware for Excel includes 1000 free credits enabling free change-of-address processing for about 200 addresses. Listware for Excel is available for free via download. For more information about Melissa Data, go to