Melissa Data Announces Data Quality Web Services 2.0

Melissa Data, a developer of high-performance data quality and mail management solutions, has announced the release of Data Quality Web Service 2.0-a collection of customer data validation and enrichment services that allow users to add the power of geographic and firmographic information to their web site, CRM system or other business contact process or application. Among the services that are available are: Address Validation (domestic and international), Phone Check, Email Check, Name Check, Geocoding, IP Locator, and Business Coder.

The Web Service architecture has been redesigned from the ground up with new technology, and now provides customers with a la carte pricing where they can choose just the services they need to help keep the cost of doing business down. "Web Services 2.0 is based on a modular architecture and provides a discrete set of APIs that developers can embed into their applications to call each specific data quality service URL as needed within the application workflow," Bud Walker, data quality product manager for Melissa Data, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The Data Quality Web Service is operating system neutral-all that is required to access the service is an Internet connection and the programming language of your choice. There are no files to maintain or update. Free sample code in a variety of languages, a free 30-day trial period and unlimited free technical support make integration and testing as easy as possible for customers looking to increase ROI by validating data for data warehousing, ecommerce or marketing projects, or enriching existing data for business intelligence and data mining initiatives.

The Data Quality Web Service includes a customer's choice of the following set of services: Address Validation-address standardized and verified with USPS (includes ZIP+4 and other elements) or Canada Post for Canadian addresses; Phone Check-area code and prefix updated and corrected; Email Check-syntax corrected and invalid characters removed; Name Check-gender, first name, middle name, last name, vulgar word flag, suffix, and prefix; Geocoder- latitude, longitude, ZIP+4, census block and tract, and other elements; RBDI-residential or business delivery type indicator; IP Locatornetwork type, city, region, country, ISP and domain name, area code, longitude, and latitude; Business Coder-company name, address, carrier route, 6-digit NAICS code, and phone number.

For more information about Melissa Data and the new Data Quality Web Services offering, go here.