Melissa Data Announces Free Add-On to Address Verification Software

Melissa Data, a provider of data quality and address management solutions, has announced a new free add-on to the company's Address Object address verification API and MAILERS+4 postal automation software. The new add-on, called AddressPlus, will analyze residential address records that are identified during ZIP+4 encoding and will append or correct those records with the right apartment number, if available.

AddressPlus works concurrently with the USPS SuiteLink product used to append or correct business address records with the appropriate secondary suite information. "We have lots of multi-sourced databases at our disposal as well and we decided to do a very similar functionality for residential addresses," Greg Brown, Melissa Data director of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Address data for AddressPlus is compiled by Melissa Data from multiple business and residential sources and is unique to Address Object and MAILERS+4. "Once an address is verified, our algorithm will look at the last name that is associated with that address in the database and compare it against our multi-sourced database to find the most current apartment number for that person," explains Brown. This enables companies to avoid the waste and cost associated with mail that has gone undelivered or has been returned simply because it was missing a suite or apartment number, he adds.

To learn more about Melissa Data's new AddressPlus, go here.