Melissa Data Announces Multiplatform MatchUp Object

Melissa Data, a provider of data quality and data enrichment solutions, has announced MatchUp Object, an API toolkit for finding and preventing duplicate records that is now multiplatform. With this latest release the Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX operating systems are supported, and these users can now benefit from the advanced deduping power of MatchUp Object to find more duplicate records and gain a single accurate view of each customer.

MatchUp Object is a fast programmer's tool that can be used in both batch and real-time processes. The program contains twelve "fuzzy" matching algorithms to find even not-so-obvious duplicates, for example: ‘Beth Smith' at UDM and ‘Smithe, Elizabeth' at United Data Machines. Accurately detecting the most duplicate records helps streamline databases, improve marketing efficiency and reduce waste.

There are three different ways to implement the deduplication process using MatchUp Object. They are read/write deduping (which is ideal for batch merge/purge/suppression of existing data), incremental deduping (which compares each record as it comes in against a database of already processed records) (ideal for real-time data entry), and hybrid deduping (which gives developers the flexibility to customize the process to specific business requirements). Mark Berneir, senior developer at Melissa Data, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the incremental deduping process is ideal for real-time data entry, and can be used as part of a transactional business applications processing cycles. The API toolkit can be used to have the application place calls on MatchUp Object and perform deduping as needed for each new transaction."

MatchUp Object can identify matches in any combination of over 35 different components, from easy ones such as address, city, state, ZIP, name, and phone, to uncommon search elements likes email address, company, gender, Social Security number, and even proprietary data components, like an account number. And, developers can create unique matching codes to compare any data type of any length and from any place in any field.

To learn more about Melissa Data's new multiplatform MatchUp Object or download a free trial, go here.