Melissa Data Enhances MatchUp Tool with International Capabilities

Melissa Data, a provider of global contact data quality and address management solutions, is now offering new international de-duplication capabilities in its MatchUp tool, solving the challenge of duplicate customer data for businesses working with a worldwide customer base. 

MatchUp is now capable of parsing addresses worldwide, recognizing the differences in international customer data fields and how they are input to a data warehouse. MatchUp had previously offered capabilities for consolidating duplicate records for the United States and Canada, and with the addition functionality it will also handle data for Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, with additional countries to follow.

"Adding international capabilities to MatchUp is another step in globalizing our tools and services, enabling ideal customer data management in a worldwide business environment. Coupled with a full slate of data quality operations, such as profiling, cleansing, verification and enrichment, these processes work together to fuel master data management, optimizing global customer information from the moment it enters the data warehouse," said Bud Walker, vice president of enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data. "By matching and eliminating duplicate data, information is consolidated seamlessly across an organization, creating a single, 360-degree view of the customer. This is more essential than ever as businesses work across international markets, where customer data can reside in any branch office or be generated from any part of a multi-national organization."

MatchUp's international capabilities are available as a multi-platform programming API for  integration into custom data quality applications. By incorporating a comprehensive selection of fuzzy match algorithms, the company says, MatchUp allows users to de-dupe files in different formats with different name and address structures without having to reformat data. According to Melissa Data, this is expecially important when dealing with international customer data management, which can be more complex due to the range of anomalies in fielded data that varies from country to country. Utilizing domain knowledge of names and addresses, MatchUp can granularly identify matches between names and nicknames, street/alias addresses, companies, cities, states, postal codes, phones, emails, and other contact data components.

To download a free trial of Melissa Data's MatchUp tool, go here.