Melissa Data Makes Community Editions of Data Quality Components Freely Available to SSIS Data Integration Developers

Melissa Data, a provider of contact data quality and integration solutions, announced availability of Community Editions of selected Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), including Contact Verify and MatchUp components.

Contact Verify CE enables address, phone and name parsing, and email syntax correction. MatchUp CE provides deduplication of up to 50,000 records using nine basic match codes. Melissa Data’s Community Editions of Data Quality Components for SSIS are freely downloadable with no license required, enabling data integration developers access to sophisticated address parsing, formatting and matching.

Melissa Data has chosen to make the community editions available for two reasons, Greg Brown, vice president of marketing at Melissa Data, said in an interview.

“First, we wanted more people to have the ability to play around with the functionality, to learn about the tools, provide us feedback, and to create discussions around data quality in the community as well in order to raise overall awareness about data quality issues," he said.

Second, he added, Melissa Data noticed that there is considerable interest in the parsing of data – not only in the SQL Server community but also in other database environments and that people in forums were discussing how to create their own parsing engines.  Since Melissa Data’s verification tools have already solved this issue, the company decided to make the product available in a community edition so developers could save themselves the time and effort of building a parser from the ground up.

“Parsing data is kind of a foundational capability,” notes Brown. “You need to be able to do that before you can transform the data in any other way.”

And, to further the discussion around data quality, Brown said, Melissa Data is also rolling out a series of webinars to discuss the issues involved and also promote its  community editions that can serve as an entry point for companies that want to move into transforming, enriching or standardizing their data.  

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