Melissa Data Offers End-of-Life Options for Customers of SAP’s PostalSoft ACE Program

Melissa Data, a provider of contact data quality and data integration solutions, announced that it is providing end-of-life options for customers using SAP’s PostalSoft ACE program (US Address Correction and Encoding). 

SAP has stated that it will retire the the SAP Business Objects PostalSoft ACE program on on March 31, 2015.  Providing a server side replacement solution, Melissa Data says its Address Object drops in with minimal changes to existing applications. 

According to Melissa Data, its own Address Object offers a USPS CASS Certified address correction engine that supports mailing and data quality processes and operations. SAP users can also access Melissa Data’s other data quality services such as matching/consolidation and USPS NCOA Link  Move Update processing to improve mail accuracy and reduce the cost and impact of bad data throughout business operations.

“The reason that we made the announcement is that we already have some experience helping a number of PostalSoft customers transition to Melissa Data, and we thought that this would be well received by customers looking for a new platform,” said Greg Brown, vice president of marketing at Melissa Data.

According to the vendor, the adoption of Address Object helps organizations eliminate some of the pressures of having to migrate all of their PostalSoft solutions at once and gives customers the ability to add additional data enhancement services later on.

“The PostalSoft customer base is rather large, so what we are trying to do is supply a solution to their needs and it’s relatively minimal development time on our part to help them transition and really move to a new platform,” Brown said.

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