Melissa Data Partners with EXTOL and Delivers New Plug-In for Salesforce

Melissa Data, a provider of contact data quality and data integration solutions, has formed a strategic relationship with EXTOL International Inc., a provider of end-to-end business integration software and services, to enable data quality operations in tandem with electronic data interchange (EDI) and other integrated business processes. The partnership gives EXTOL users the option to access Melissa Data’s data quality functions, without the need for separate data quality resources.

With Melissa Data’s suite of data quality tools, EXTOL users can cleanse, validate and enhance customer information as data is being transformed. This allows more intelligent use of customer contact data for significantly better segmentation, targeting, fraud detection and identity verification. The relationship between EXTOL and Melissa Data expands Melissa Data’s market through direct access to EDI, and other data syntax communities. The companies will present a webcast on the capability for EXTOL users on Tuesday, June 24, at 1 pm ET.

Separately, Melissa Data also announced Listware for Salesforce, a data quality plug-in that integrates data cleansing, validation, and enrichment directly into’s CRM software. Now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Listware for Salesforce aims to help organizations drive a more intelligent approach to customer data, arming users with unprecedented access to real-time data quality.

Listware for Salesforce features include cross-matching contact records, address verification and appending of missing information, and updating of addresses for customers that have moved. Listware also validates and cleanses international addresses – standardizing them into the official postal format for each geographic locale, and adding missing components such as postal codes or region. Salesforce users can also enhance their CRM data with detailed, up-to-date property and mortgage information on more than 140 million U.S. properties, improving their customer intelligence for better service and a competitive edge.