Melissa Data Releases Platform that Allows Users Access to Location Data

Melissa Data is releasing a Master Address Table tool to validate, enhance, and manage addresses in a local neighborhood or area.

The Master Address Table will contain current, detailed information on more than 180 million U.S. addresses, including residential, commercial, and more than two million non-USPS addresses, or physical addresses that do not receive USPS delivery.

Each address is assigned a Melissa Address Key (MAK) which is a unique, persistent key that never change.

The tool will provide a real-time database of residential and business addresses within a specific area, offering a new advantage to first responders who can now quickly identify an address and ensure help reaches the correct location immediately.

This technology aims to benefit all data quality applications focused on activities other than mailing, such as optimizing route planning, resource allocation, analytics, utilities management, risk assessment, or nonprofit donor tracking.

The Melissa Address Key is similar to a barcode or ISBN number, identifying a discrete physical street address and aligning a multitude of additional information associated with each particular address.

Users can access geographic information such as rooftop lat/long, census tract/block number, county name, and FIPS code, ideal for analytics, mapping, and logistics applications.

Data can then be searched based on specific parameters, for example, congressional district, school district, one or more ZIP codes, or regions such as cities, counties, or states.

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