Melissa Data Showcases New Data Quality Platform at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

Melissa Data, in partnership with Acme Data, is expanding its data quality offerings, creating a "lite" version of DQ*Plus, its data quality solution for cleaning and consolidating enterprise data. The company introduced the lite version, called DQ*Plus Basic, at the Oracle OpenWorld 2009.

DQ*Plus Basic provides an "always on" web service that cleans and standardizes addresses using an intuitive point-and-click interface designed for the business user. Future functionality will include geocoding, 411 directory assistance data, and NCOALink Change of Address.

"DQ*Plus Basic really is a light-weight version of DQ*Plus, which is an enterprise platform and has lots of functionality to verify, correct and consolidate records of just about any type, and it obviously has a price point commensurate with that type of functionality," Greg Brown, Melissa Data director of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Because the interface of DQ*Plus is so business-friendly, he adds, Melissa Data decided to introduce a light-weight version and roll out different modules for it.

"The first one that we rolled out is an address verification module for a DQ*Plus Basic and then we will add additional modules on as we do the programming," Brown explains. "What the customer is buying is an interface that works with our web services, so there is no updating or maintenance that they have to do on their end. They get an intuitive GUI that is designed for a business user. It takes less than an hour to implement and get up and running."

DQ*Plus Basic software has connectors for the Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel and the Oracle database platform. Other connectors are planned for Microsoft SQL Server and .NET, Brown adds.

To learn more about DQ*Plus Basic, go here.