Melissa Data Unveils BusinessCoder Cloud Service

Melissa Data, a provider of quality solutions, has rolled out the BusinessCoder cloud service, which enhances business data with firmographic information on more than 25 million business records. BusinessCoder incorporates multisourced business data to help organizations improve analytics, generate leads, and boost marketing efforts based on knowing customers and prospects better. 

According to Bud Walker, vice president enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data, data managers often struggle with gaps in business data. Multisourced data, he said, is necessary to optimize business-to-business communications, analytics, and marketing worldwide, and sets the Melissa Data service apart from other services that typically exclude small business information from their data.

Using BusinessCoder, with or without a company name, data managers can provide an address, stock ticker, web address, phone, or Melissa Address Key (MAK) as input. BusinessCoder returns information such as company names, phone numbers, geo-location and census info, SIC codes, number of employees, total estimated sales volume, and more. All data is standardized and formatted, which the company says, solves the problem of business name standardization and increases response rates through the ability to personalize communications.

BusinessCoder's initial capabilities include U.S. business address data, and will be followed by data from Canada, the UK, and other European countries. BusinessCoder is a cloud-based API consumed by clients via common programming languages. For more information, visit