Melissa Data Unveils New Data Quality Appliance

Melissa Data, a developer of high performance data quality and address management solutions, showcased the Contact Verification Server at the Oracle OpenWorld show in San Francisco. Providing a turnkey solution, the appliance is built by Dell and incorporates six WebSmart components for contact data verification and enrichment, including address, phone, and email verification, name parsing, geocoding and change-of-address processing. The server can verify more than 7 million records per hour and additional servers can be clustered together for increased scalability, throughput and redundancy.

The Contact Verification Server is aimed at companies that need to meet HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy and compliance guidelines by enriching, scrubbing and validating customer data completely in-house, safely and securely. "The Contact Verification Server is a completely new, turnkey solution for our customers," states Bud Walker, product manager at Melissa Data. "The server incorporates our proven data quality architecture in off-the-shelf hardware so users can get it up and running in minutes. And, the server automatically fetches and installs the latest contact datasets for headache-free maintenance."

Additionally, the server carries a flexible support contract from Melissa Data for troubleshooting and repair services, and mission-critical replacement, if necessary. For more information, visit Melissa Data.