Melissa Introduces MAILERS Online

Melissa, a provider of global data quality and identity verification solutions, has introduced MAILERS Online, a cloud-based mailing solution designed to prepare USPS-compliant direct mail more easily.  

MAILERS Online preps user files, then offers a pre-purchase report of each job and its parameters, including the final cost, enabling mailers to only pay for what they need.

All essential postal certifications are integrated, empowering mailers to receive bulk discounts and minimize undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail and its corresponding costs and processing requirements.

The SaaS also enables users to have one-click access to hundreds of targeted, downloadable mailing lists, as well as additional data enhancement tools such email and phone append, and job templates can be saved for future use, simplifying high volume direct mail operations.

The new solution helps high volume mailers by offering a one-stop mailing solution that increases mail deliverability, navigates complex postal regulations with ease, and ensures the lowest postage rates, according to Peter Handfield, Melissa product manager, who noted that the approach hides complexity on the back-end, including industry-certified operations and automatic product updates.

MAILERS Online features integrated NCOALink processing so mailers can match their mailing lists against the full USPS NCOALink dataset of approximately 160 million records; this includes all permanent change-of-address records filed with the USPS over the last 48 months.

The solution also features a CASS certified cleansing engine to standardize, correct, and verify address data, as well as PAVE Gold certified postal presorting for the broadest range of discounted postage. With Full Service Intelligent Mail + Mail.dat support, mailings are optimized to qualify for letter and flat-sized presort and automation rates. Tracking can be added optionally, with Intelligent Mail barcodes.

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