MemSQL Adds Flash-Optimized Column Store in MemSQL v3.0

MemSQL, a distributor of in-memory database technology for real-time analytics, has introduced MemSQL v3.0.  which combines an in-memory row store with a new highly compressed column store. The integration enables  a new tiered storage architecture that leverages memory for real-time transactions and analytics and a flash-optimized column store for deep analysis.

“The number-one reason why we developed our column store is because our customers wanted to put even more data inside MemSQL,” explained Eric Frenkiel, CEO, MemSQL. With flash-optimized column store in MemSQL v3.0 customers have the ability to combine real-time and historical data for added flexibility, extracting the full value of their data, he explained.

MemSQL v3.0 offers a single database from which both real-time and historical data can be accessed quickly and in a scalable manner. The database offers an ANSI SQL interface which provides the tools to transfer data between various formats seamlessly, reducing cost, lag time and increasing efficiency while fundamentally removing ETL from a very complex process of analytics.

According to the company, the new tiered storage architecture allows users to get all of the benefits and performance of MemSQL’s in-memory row store but also combine in-memory row and flash-optimized columnar engines to capture, store and query hundreds of terabytes of data in real-time.

“It is that blend, that unification between a row store and a column store, that gives us a lot of capabilities that we believe a lot of other players don’t have,” said Frenkiel.

MemSQL v3.0 will be available for download in Q2 2014. For more information, visit