MemSQL Announces Cloud-Native, Operational Database

MemSQL, provider of a databases for operational analytics and cloud-native applications, has announced MemSQL Helios, an on-demand, elastic cloud service; and MemSQL 7.0 Beta, a new version of the company’s distributed SQL database. According to the company, both are designed to allow enterprises to easily ingest, process, analyze, and act on data to better compete and thrive in today’s insight-driven economy.

MemSQL Helios is a fully managed cloud service that makes MemSQL’s database available on-demand in public cloud environments around the world. It provides the same performance and scale as the company’s distributed database platform without the customer having to take on the operational overhead and complexity of managing it.

MemSQL 7.0 will launch later this year with two new advancements: “SingleStore,” a new way of managing data; and “system of record” features to make MemSQL a trusted platform for Tier 1 workloads.  Now available in beta for invited users, the company says, MemSQL 7.0 SingleStore functionality differentiates MemSQL from other data solutions by reducing the pain of choosing between a row store or a column store for workloads, eliminating some of the hard tradeoffs and added complexity of typical data management. New system of record capabilities include two key durability features—incremental backup, and synchronous replication with "virtually no performance" penalty.

“With the majority of growth in the database market moving to the cloud, the time is right to release MemSQL Helios for enterprises looking for a viable alternative to legacy on-premises vendors like Oracle and SAP,” said MemSQL Co-CEO and co-founder Nikita Shamgunov. “And, with MemSQL 7.0, we’ve virtually eliminated the speed and scale limits that organizations have long struggled with in their operational workloads. We expect our new SingleStore to make a measurable difference in the way our customers manage their data and operate their businesses.”

MemSQL Helios is now available in private preview.

MemSQL 7.0 beta is available for download now, and will be generally available in the cloud and for download later this year.

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