MemSQL Unveils Distributed Version of its In-Memory Database and Real-Time Analytics Platform

MemSQL has made available a distributed version of its in-memory database and real-time analytics platform, enabling organizations to perform real-time analytics at big data scale. Also included in the release is MemSQL Watch, a browser-based interface that provides insight into software status, hardware performance, and system configuration in a single view.

For customers, the database has traditionally been the bottleneck in their analytic workloads, because of the time it takes to get data into the database and the time it takes to return results, but that is not the case anymore, says Eric Frenkiel, CEO, MemSQL. "With MemSQL's distributed in-memory architecture, organizations instantly gain access to real-time SQL-based analytics, on any workload."

MemSQL's distributed release provides the combination of in-memory speed and a scalable relational DBMS out of the box. It allows companies to manage the velocity of big data transactions without sacrificing the ability to interact with and analyze that data via SQL. Ensuring enterprise-class reliability, three types of redundancy ensure data integrity – across nodes, on physical disk and across data centers.

Accordign to MemSQL, enterprises are already using distributed MemSQL in production for operational analytics, network security, real-time recommendations, and risk management. MemSQL and supporting documentation is available for download at