MemVerge Enhances Multi-Cloud Mobility with Big Memory Cloud Technology

MemVerge is introducing its Big Memory Cloud technology, bringing Big Memory Computing to multi-cloud environments.

With Big Memory Cloud technology stateful, non-fault-tolerant, and long-running apps can now realize the promise of cloud agility and flexibility, according to the vendor.

Over the last four years, MemVerge has developed Big Memory Computing technology capable of encapsulating stateful apps including all of their memory state into AppCapsules.

These AppCapsules can now be used in cloud fault-tolerance services to deliver instant recovery, and in-cloud mobility services for cloud bursting and cloud-to-cloud migrations.

 These innovative new cloud services are delivered through MemVerge Memory Machine Cloud Edition software.

Once a workload is captured in a Memory Machine AppCapsule, it can be loaded, replicated, recovered, and transported at the speed of memory, and what was impossible becomes possible.

 Long-running apps can be on-ramped to low-cost Spot instances without fear of unplanned instance terminations; apps can burst from on-prem to the cloud at the speed of memory; and big memory workloads can migrate seamlessly to another cloud with automated cloud service configuration.

How it works:

  • AppCapsules are constructed by capturing all application data necessary for restarting this app from that point-in-time, without modification to the application.
  • Fault-tolerance and mobility services are integrated with cloud service schedulers and cloud-native app orchestration platforms.
  • The fault-tolerance service can protect a running stateful application on any type of compute instance, including Spot instances.
  • The mobility service can move a running, stateful application from any instance to any instance.

“We spent the last four and a half years developing a deep stack of software technology for memory virtualization and in-memory data management,” said Charles Fan, CEO and co-founder, MemVerge. “Big Memory Cloud technology is a natural progression of our technology to enable all cloud applications to be saved, moved and restored any place any time in multi-cloud environments.”

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