Mendix 9 Builds On Its Core Foundation of Model-Driven Development

Mendix, a Siemens business and provider of low-code application development for the enterprise, is launching its expanded all-in-one low-code platform.

This release extends the reach of low-code into new domains, empowering developers of all skill sets to solve an ever-increasing set of business problems.

According to the vendor, Mendix’s all-in-one low-code platform builds on its core foundation of model-driven development, enhanced both by product innovation and a curated collection of pre-packaged industry-specific offerings that accelerate the delivery of solutions for common use cases.

Mendix Makers can now easily access data from across their enterprise; leverage expanded AI tools to improve application quality; compose “intelligent automation” applications quickly; and offer multiexperience solutions on the full spectrum of devices and touchpoints, all delivered on a flexible, cloud-native architecture.

The new industry-specific pre-packaged solutions that complement Mendix 9 will accelerate time-to-value for enterprises.

These solutions will enable enterprise development teams to benefit from the collective knowledge of Mendix and Siemens, and their extensive ecosystem, to solve common problems within their industry.

The Mendix 9 release expands the universe of what developers can accomplish via the platform’s newly minted all-in-one architecture. The benefits accrue to the full spectrum of makers — professional developers, business domain experts, and, most simply, anyone in the business with access to Mendix’s low-code tools.

One key area that Mendix 9 unlocks for makers is data integration with Mendix Data Hub. Data Hub removes the complexities of data integration and transforms how people across the enterprise discover, understand, use and govern data for application development, data analysis, and other activities.

Another key area bolstered by Mendix 9 is the easy creation of Intelligent Automation solutions. With this capability, and accompanying starter templates, developers of all skill-sets can digitize workflows, eliminating paper processes and standalone tools

Enterprises can deliver the most engaging mobile application solutions with Mendix 9. Mendix 9 allows developers to automatically deploy both React Native mobile applications (for iOS and Android), and progressive web applications (“PWAs”), without duplicating work. These solutions are built on a single application model, sharing frontend design and backend logic, and can be built by developers without mobile expertise.

The Mendix Assist Performance Bot, available in Mendix 9, enables developers to create highly performant Mendix solutions by analyzing applications against known best practices. The bot can suggest changes, or automatically refactor applications, to ensure solutions don’t fall into typical anti-patterns that deprecate application performance.

A final highlight from Mendix 9 addresses a critical success factor in Mendix projects: effective collaboration across people with varying technical backgrounds.

As teams grow to have more individuals contribute to development, collaboration needs to extend to include version control and change management. Visual conflict resolution shows granular differences in team members’ contributions to a project and then allows teams to choose which changes to merge, with a single click.

In this way, teams have visibility into how each developer approached a piece of the solution differently, and a simple way to implement the one that best meets the goals of the project.

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