Mesophere Boosts Series of Platforms with AI and Kubernetes Services

Mesosphere, the multi-cloud automation platform company, is releasing Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE), Mesosphere DC/OS 1.12, and the public beta of Mesosphere Jupyter Service (MJS).

Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine is the only software platform that delivers pure Kubernetes-as-a-Service on multi-cloud and edge with high-density resource pooling, yet without the need for virtualization.

DC/OS 1.12 adds improvements to secure multi-cloud operations, performance at scale, and real-time operational visibility.

MJS simplifies delivery of Jupyter Notebooks, popular with data scientists, to streamline how they build and deliver AI-enabled services.

Mesosphere 1.12 was developed to help businesses adopt enterprise standards across any infrastructure, while empowering developers and data scientists.

"Companies need to move fast to stay relevant in today's competitive landscape. To do this, IT teams are leveraging leading tools such as Kubernetes, Jupyter Notebooks, advanced security and software registries to drive software innovation," said Florian Leibert, Mesosphere CEO. "By natively integrating Kubernetes and Jupyter into DC/OS, we're able to deliver fast deployment and centralized management for businesses to readily adopt the latest enterprise technologies across any infrastructure, while still enabling experimentation and providing developer choice."

Mesosphere DC/OS 1.12 gives IT organizations the security and control to operate edge and multi-cloud infrastructures from a single control plane. With MKE, enterprise IT can centralize scattered Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud providers managed from a single platform.

With MJS, organizations can accelerate data science initiatives with on-demand data science notebooks securely hosted from general-purpose infrastructure. Enterprises can easily scale Jupyter deployments as their data science teams grow.

With MKE, MJS and DC/OS 1.12, enterprise customers receive the following benefits:

  • Pure Kubernetes-as-a-Service on any Infrastructure
  • On-Demand Data Science Environment
  • Complete Edge and Multi-Cloud Management

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