Micro Focus Acquires COBOL-IT

Micro Focus has acquired COBOL-IT, a strategic vendor of open source COBOL solutions.

It is the first technology acquisition made following the completion of the September 2017 merger of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's former software business unit with Micro Focus.

Paris-based COBOL-IT was founded in 2008 to help organizations preserve the functionality of strategic COBOL applications with superior performance and agility. It develops and delivers an open source-based COBOL compiler and run time environment, enabling enterprises to run compiled objects in all open systems Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.

According to Chris Livesey, SVP and GM, Application Modernization and Connectivity at Micro Focus, COBOL-IT adds a unique dimension to its COBOL product portfolio, and enables the company to offer technology support that spans the evolving needs of customers as they extend, integrate and modernize their core business applications and data.

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