Micro Focus Adds New Analytics to Drive Full-Stack AIOps

Micro Focus has announced the release of its ITOM “Collect Once Store Once” (COSO) Data Lake utilizing an open access data platform built on Vertica to drive full-stack AIOps across the broad set of Micro Focus monitoring and automation solutions. COSO is now an integrated part of the Micro Focus Operations Bridge, Network Operations Management, and Data Center Automation offerings.

According to Micro Focus, with the new ITOM COSO Data Lake, users that have multiple Micro Focus ITOM products, such as Operations Bridge, Network Operations Management, and Data Center Automation, will be able to quickly access data for both dashboards and historical reporting from the same data store. Instead of relying on queries from multiple databases, this data will already be time-sequenced and normalized to facilitate effective cross-domain reporting and to deliver new insights across the IT estate. Whether using the provided reporting or their own BI tools, the open architecture of COSO will facilitate flexibility in reporting to meet the needs of the organization.

“The diversity of data available to IT operations today makes it challenging to solve complex issues across multi-cloud and on-premises IT services,” said Tom Goguen, Micro Focus chief product officer. “COSO now offers a unique collection and storage capability built on Vertica’s powerful, high-speed data analytics platform. Combine COSO with our world-class discovery, monitoring, process automation and patch management tools, and you can have full-stack AIOps today to identify root cause and restore service faster than ever before.”

Key capabilities of the Micro Focus ITOM COSO Data Lake include:

  • Automatic Event Correlation (AEC): A new capability in Operations Bridge, AEC uses machine learning-based automated event correlation captured in COSO to detect patterns in high-volume event data and isolate root cause without the creation of manual rules or needing additional configuration.
  • Cross-Domain Reporting and Analytics: Reduces mean time to repair by providing a single source of reporting truth that helps teams identify root cause faster, while supporting capacity planning across networks, multi-cloud and on-premise infrastructure and apps.
  • Open Access Data Platform: Supports reporting and analytics on the customer’s choice of business intelligence platforms, with direct access to Vertica’s data analytics functions.

More information is available from Micro Focus