Micro Focus Enhances Green-Screen Terminal Emulation Line

Micro Focus, a provider of modernization solutions, launched new interfaces that are designed to enable organizations to more quickly modernize the end-user experience in isolation from the application code. The new products, RUMBA 9.0 and RUMBA+, help transpose green-screen presentations onto more familiar Windows, mobile and web environments.

"RUMBA enables connectivity from Microsoft Windows, iPads or web browsers to virtually any host system with mission-critical reliability,” says Kevin Brearley, senior director of product management for Micro Focus. “With wider reaching deployment capabilities, end user productivity improvement is quickly delivered through a simple point and click interface. This enhanced experience can be delivered at a pace that suits, to the entire organization, individual departments or specific users. RUMBA is designed to modernize green screen applications with no risk to business continuity."

RUMBA 9.0 is a core server required for RUMBA+ deployment. Quickly and securely connects to a range of host systems, enabling green-screen terminal emulation along with a set of popular supporting features and functionalities. The platform introduces three different clients that allow the customer to modernize green-screen applications without the need of specialized knowledge of mainframe applications or Windows, iPad or web browser technologies. Easy point and click controls can be created to enhance a single green-screen or to considerably update an entire application. 

RUMBA+ Desktop is a Windows-based client that enhances green screen pop-up calendars, drop-down menus, tool tips, in line help, graphs, and Google maps.  RUMBA+ Mobile is an iPad client that enables mobile access to the application with the RUMBA+ Desktop enhancements driven by native iPad functions.  RUMBA+ Web is a Web client with extended reach to the mainframe applications.

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