Micro Focus Enhances Security and Strengthens Enterprise Protection

Micro Focus is releasing new innovations across its expanded security portfolio following the successful spin-merge with HPE Software, allowing customers to take an intelligent approach to safeguard against sophisticated threats.

Micro Focus’s comprehensive security solutions spanning security operations, application security, identity and access management (IAM), and data security help organizations strike the right balance between easy access to critical business data and mitigating risk.

“What we’ve done is we’ve built in security analytics into the technology and we’re giving the analysts a way to better visualize that data that’s coming from the analytics performance underneath,” said Travis Grandpre, director of product marketing

The solutions help customers develop more securely, protect sensitive data, take an identity-based approach to security monitoring, and leverage open architectures and powerful analytics to normalize data across the organization into meaningful and actionable insights.

New innovations, partnerships and enhancements introduced help customers detect new threats and better mitigate risk. These enhancements include an opened up SOC architecture, built-in security analytics and enhanced dashboards, support for hybrid environments, better security for sensitive data across hybrid IT, and automated secure DevOps.

In the future the company wants to make sure all security moves to support open platforms, according to Grandpre.

“What we’re going to continue to develop on is giving more access to the data and feeding it where it needs to,” Grandpre said.

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