Micro Focus Launches “Three-in-One” Modernization Suite

Micro Focus, a provider of enterprise application modernization solutions, has launched a platform that unites all three of the vendor's application portfolio management technologies to deliver a single view of an organization's applications portfolio. This new offering, Modernization Workbench 3.1, combines Micro Focus Revolve and Enterprise View into a single solution set.

"Essentially, 3.1 of the Modernization Workbench is three in one. By combining those three products into one product, it helps you to better understand your applications," Peter Mollins, director of product marketing at Micro Focus, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Mollins explains that customers often seek to adapt and improve the efficiency of applications that are running their businesses, making them more in line with their business requirements. However, it is common for these applications to have been developed over the course of years or decades in COBOL, Natural, PL/1, Visual Basic, Java - all sorts of languages - and may not be well-understood by the development teams. As a result, they don't may feel comfortable making changes or when they do, it takes them much longer to execute them than they would like, Mollins notes.

By combining with Micro Focus Revolve and Enterprise View, Modernization Workbench 3.1 allows organizations to align their applications with their business priorities. The platform offers business and technical insight into complex applications, making development teams more productive, accelerating key modernization projects, and boosting alignment between application realities and business needs.

"What the Modernization Workbench does is collect detailed information from a technical as well as from a business perspective about what those applications are actually doing, and how they are structured," says Mollins. "That allows development teams to be more efficient and change applications more quickly. They are able to choose and then execute modernization activities, whether that is re-architecting or renovating code or maybe moving towards an SOA, or migrating to a different platform, or even to the cloud."

In addition to uniting key functionality into a single foundation, Modernization Workbench version 3.1, provides a business-centric solution for measuring and managing the application portfolio. Its integrated Enterprise View module delivers browser-based dashboards that help prioritize development projects via metrics including application cost, complexity, value, and risk.

Modernization Workbench 3.1 also provides even broader language coverage, expanding its coverage of Java, Java EE, additional job schedulers, and more. The release also accelerates the execution of projects that require numerous changes to application code - for instance, to adhere to regulatory requirements such asICD-10. And finally, Modernization Workbench 3.1 adds support for Microsoft SQL Server, adding to existing support for IBM DB2 and Oracle Database.

For the Micro Focus APM website go here. For the Modernization Workbench overview, go here.