Micro Focus Partners with Google Cloud for Mainframe Modernization

Micro Focus announced that its mainframe application modernization solution will tightly integrate with Google Cloud's Dual Run product.

Dual Run works with the Micro Focus production platform technology to accelerate, automate, and reduce risk of moving mainframe applications to Google Cloud.

Micro Focus' cloud agnostic attributes and high levels of mainframe compatibility allow it to play a significant role in Dual Run's capabilities by allowing the same application to run in any environment virtually unchanged.

This capability means an organization can run its production workload on the mainframe in parallel with running in Google Cloud, where Dual Run can validate that outcomes are the same on both environments. Dual Run is especially valuable during the migration process, ensuring the new system is functionally equivalent to the original system.

"Dual Run is a solution that will provide many organizations with an avenue to efficiently and safely migrate their mainframe systems," said Neil Fowler, general manager and VP of the application modernization and connectivity business at Micro Focus. "The Micro Focus Mainframe Modernization solution has unique capabilities and features that have been built based on decades of successfully enabling companies to modernize their core business systems regardless of the environment."

Dual Run is built on top of unique technology developed by Banco Santander. Santander uses Micro Focus for part of its core-business modernization needs.

Many of the enhancements made to the Micro Focus solutions during this project with Santander will benefit businesses in banking and other sectors that are seeking to modernize their core business systems and move to the cloud.

"Organizations in highly-regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, public sector, and more have an opportunity to modernize their legacy IT infrastructures, including mainframes, for the cloud era," said Sachin Gupta, VP and GM, infrastructure, Google Cloud. "Integrating Micro Focus' technology with Dual Run enhances customers' ability to run critical workloads simultaneously across their mainframe and cloud environments, a critical feature that allows Dual Run to simplify and largely de-risk organizations' mainframe migrations to the cloud."

The full range of Micro Focus mainframe modernization technology is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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