Micro Focus Releases Enhanced Testing Tool

Micro Focus, a provider of enterprise application modernization solutions, has begun shipping a new suite of application testing software intended to help organizations achieve higher levels of quality, flexibility and scalability throughout the software development lifecycle. SilkTest 2011 is designed to run on any terminal-based host system through its integration with Micro Focus Rumba, and supports browser and Rich Internet Applications such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex and Firefox.

Additional features include user access compliance to support effective testing in standard user privileges, which not only makes it easier for users to work with SilkTest, but also eases admin control of the desktop environment.

SilkTest is designed to replace repetitive manual testing with automated tests that can be run on a regular basis. Its ability to create test automation across application technologies helps organizations check software continuously as it changes, ensuring that defects don't occur and that the applications run reliably.

More details are available from Micro Focus.