Micro Focus Ships Mainframe Terminal Emulator for iPad

Micro Focus, a provider of enterprise application modernization solutions, announced the availability of Rumba+ Mobile on iPad, the first terminal emulator and user interface modernization application for tablet devices. The new solution is intended to enable organizations to modernize their green-screen applications on mobile devices.

“The need for mobile apps is challenging the agility of many critical legacy applications today,” said Kevin Brearley, director of product management at Micro Focus. “Traditional 3270 and 5250 or green-screen applications are a good example of this.  They can be considered out-dated, difficult to learn and navigate for today’s modern user.  This not only frustrates employees, but often affects a business’ customer service. In trying to bring these applications forward, organizations often rewrite the entire green screen application, or adopt a middleware solution that connects business logic on the mainframe to the user interface. It’s time consuming and costly and can have an unacceptable time to market.”

The Rumba+ Mobile terminal emulator offers a native iPad client application, taking full advantage of iOS functionality. It turns green-screen applications into touch-screen apps, with integrated and customizable gestures capabilities or skins, in addition to the use of controls such as green-screen tables, tabs, images calendars, drop down menus and much more. iPad gestures are also integrated and can be customized to interact with the host or to control the terminal emulation session.

Rumba+ is part of a family of enterprise application modernization technologies from Micro Focus, and includes Rumba+ Web to enable remote access to centralized applications through web browsers and Rumba+ Desktop for simple but efficient improvement to their traditional Windows client view of these legacy applications.

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