Micro Focus Unveils New Tool for Safeguarding Compliance and Supporting Mainframe Modernization

Micro Focus has released Host Access Analyzer 2.0, an asset management tool that provides a view of software deployment on host and mainframe systems, enabling organizations to intelligently adapt to today’s compliance and risk mitigation needs.

Host Access Manager 2.0 retrieves real-time usage data to enable organizations to assess exposure to risk and vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with regulations, gain insights into how well internal policies are followed, and control license usage.

“Organizations need a clear understanding of software usage and user configurations across the business,” said Neil Fowler, general manager of application modernization and connectivity at Micro Focus. “Host Access Analyzer 2.0 allows for a better understanding of risks and vulnerabilities, while helping to ensure compliance as well as prepare for modernization efforts.”

With an improved understanding of host access deployment and user configurations, Micro Focus says, organizations are better prepared for modernization and infrastructure changes. According to Micro Focus, Host Access Analyzer 2.0 enables organizations to:

  • View an exhaustive host access inventory and usage of all endpoints, including products and assets
  • Monitor all host connections to view usage, load and security
  • Add, on the fly, any product to the reporting and analysis functionality
  • Receive an instant view of the install base and its health, security and complexity via the Business Value Dashboard, which also includes robust filtering capabilities for focused reporting 

More information is available about Host Access Analyzer.