Micro Focus and dynaTrace Partner on Continuous Performance Assurance Solution

Micro Focus, provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, has partnered with dynaTrace software to provide a new enterprise performance testing solution, branded as Silk Performance Assurance. The new offering integrates SilkPerformer, Micro Focus' enterprise-class performance testing product, with a new root cause diagnostic product powered by dynaTrace, SilkPerformer Diagnostics.

Citing data from the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute showing that the primary cost of software development - 60-80% - comes from rework, the companies assert that often intensive rework happens as a result of load testing at the end of the development cycle, when the most difficult-to-diagnose issues crop up. Silk Performance Assurance is intended to avoid this problem by enabling users to drill down to performance traces of business transactions through each tier of the application. Rather than troubleshooting with code instrumentation and running repeated tests to narrow down the performance problem, the companies state, 100% of transactions can be monitored consistently, so problems can be found after one load test.

Silk Performance Assurance can also compare the performance behavior of a build with the previous iteration to determine if an application has improved or regressed with the latest changes, according to the vendors. By using continuous integration testing capabilities, a results repository and advanced performance comparison analysis, performance engineers and developers can automatically run regression tests as the application changes, catching and diagnosing issues with performance behavior immediately.

"Unlike traditional performance testing where only server metrics are collected, Silk Performance Assurance enables performance engineers and developers to seamlessly detect and resolve issues throughout the development cycle," states Rich Novak, president and GM of the Micro Focus Testing and Application Management Division. "Ultimately the Silk Performance Assurance solution will accelerate problem resolution times, detect problems early in the development process, and help teams deliver projects on-time and on-budget."

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